Was Robert Mueller Appointed Too Soon

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) believes special counsel Robert Mueller was “appointed too soon.”

Partial transcript as follows:

RON JOHNSON: What, what I’ve always said about it was — the special counsel was named far too soon. I would’ve much rather had the Senate and House Intelligence Committees complete their report. Because I, I know what happens. When you have a criminal investigation, it’s that much more difficult for Congress to get the information, to allow the American public to understand what’s happening. There, there are completely different goals of a special counsel versus congressional oversight. I think, in this case, the most important thing is public disclosure. And that is harmed when you start having special counsels, and all the information is, is gathered and is held close and sometimes never disclosed.

CHUCK TODD: So what you’re saying is you feel as if the Senate, the congressional investigations, have been hampered by a special counsel.


CHUCK TODD: The fact is, neither one can be–

RON JOHNSON: I think, I think absolutely. And, and my, my concern with, with Special Counsel Mueller is he’s so close to the FBI You know, I’ve been conducting a three-year investigation on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. I think we’re starting to see some real problems there. And I just didn’t think somebody so close, like Director Mueller, Former Director Mueller, would be the, the right type of person to investigate that. Now, I’m actually pleased with the appointment of John Huber. He is a disinterested U.S. attorney to work with the Office of Inspector General.

CHUCK TODD: So you’re OK with Jeff Sessions not appointing a special counsel?

RON JOHNSON: Yeah. I think, I think that’s actually the best case for the time being. Because the Office of Inspector General is somewhat– is independent of the agency. I think Horowitz has done a good job. Hopefully, we will get his report in the next month. We’ve asked him to testify before our committee. I hope he does so as soon as that report is issued.