Trump Gets Backfire Over Tweet

CNN Political Commentator Catherine Rampell offensively said President Trump is going “something tinpot dictators do” by tweeting his opinion about Amazon “to punish a perceived political enemy in Amazon.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin showed a decline in the stock market particularly Amazon’s, Rampell said, “To Amazon stock, to the stock market in general, because of these fears of a trade war. These are self-inflicted wounds. And I think we need to step back for a second and think about how bizarre it is that we have a sitting president who is tweeting, apparently with the express intention of driving down a stock price. I mean, this is something tinpot dictators do, right?”

“This is an American president, the leader of the free world, somebody who says he wants to be great for the economy, great for stock markets. And yet, he is trying to punish a perceived political enemy in Amazon.”