How The Left Is Exploiting NFL Player

Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports 1 gave his opinion in the recent news of the Seattle Seahawks cancelling a workout with activist and free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick because he refused to end his National Anthem protest.

“I think that [Kaepernick] is filled with so much bad advice and so many people who have the appearance of being objective or have the appearance of being on his side, who really aren’t on his side, are giving him so much bad advice that he has chosen the path of ‘I’m going to be a martyr and a victim and be celebrated over Twitter rather than continue on as a professional athlete and try to rehabilitate my career,’” Whitlock said.

“[W]e think a 30-year-old kid can’t get swayed and be moved by all of this social media pressure? that’s telling him everything he’s doing is the right thing, and oh, my god, you’re making this dramatic impact on America. He’s falling for the okey-doke. … Colin Kaepernick is being exploited by the Mike Florios of the world, the left-wing media that is using him for clicks and attention and giving him bad advice.”