Schumer Finally Agrees With Trump

Believe it or not, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) admitted to “The Cats Roundtable,” that Trump was “on the right path” when it came to trade with the Chinese. He also stated Trump is closer to him than Barack Obama was regarding the topic.

“[C]hina is not helpful to the United States,” Schumer said. “They are happy to see us in trouble. And the way to get at them is what is the mother load for China – their trade with us. They take advantage of American workers, of American wealth, of American companies regularly. I call them rapacious. And if we were to squeeze China on trade, we might get somewhere on North Korea. Now, I give President Trump credit in this regard: I’m closer to his view on trade, even though I don’t agree with how he did certain things. I don’t think the tariffs were well put together, but I’m closer to him on trade than I was to either Obama, a Democrat, or Bush, a Republican.”

“We’ve got to get tougher with China. … Trump is on the right path, particularly on intellectual property.”