Israel Thankful For Embassy Move

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the nation of Israel are thankful to President Trump for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu stated this act will be remembered for “many, many generations.”

“President Trump did a historic thing and, I think, our people will remember it for many, many generations,” he stated. “I’m sitting right now in the prime minister’s office. It is in Jerusalem. Right next to me is our parliament, the Knesset. It is in Jerusalem. Right next to that is our supreme court. That’s in Jerusalem. The seat of our president — that’s in Jerusalem. Everybody knows Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people. It’s been the capital since King David’s time. That’s 3,000 years ago.”

“It took President Trump’s leadership to say something so clear — a simple fact, to put forward a simple truth, but an important one,” Netanyahu added. “And I think there’s tremendous excitement in Israel for the upcoming moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem. And we appreciate it. It was a great act. My relationship with President Trump is terrific.”