CNN Calls Trump Out Of Touch With Reality

White House correspondent for the network Jim Acosta recently spoke about President Trump’s latest press conference.

Acosta stated, “Well, Wolf, I’m not sure that this press conference was ever on the rails. As you heard numerous times during this news conference, the president was just not in touch with reality. I asked him the question why he always seems to stand with the accused and not the accuser, and he really just did not want to answer the questions. Finally one of my colleagues picked up the question and pressed him on, you know, what is it about your past, is it your past that makes you sympathize with Brett Kavanaugh? He essentially said, yes, that is the reason why. He feels he has had false charges leveled against him over the years and that’s the reason he always seems to stand on the side of the accused and not the accuser.”

“I think that’s a pretty extraordinary, you know, exchange that the president had with us, an acknowledgement on his part that he essentially just does not believe accusers when they come forward accusing powerful men like himself of sexual misconduct. I think, you know, when it comes to what’s going to happen tomorrow, I thought it was also very interesting that the president is going to be watching this. But, again, Wolf, time and again he referred to what’s happening to Brett Kavanaugh as a con job, a con game. He said it was a dangerous moment for the country because—and you can see his sympathies really on display, maybe more in this room than to our viewers. I  think it was plain to see to our viewers, he was really sympathizing with Brett Kavanaugh in all of this and not really with any of the accusers. One thing that he did not really specify, I tried to press him on this, is whether or not he would be comfortable hearing from all of these accusers, all three of these accusers testifying publicly. He did not really give us an answer on that.”