CNN’s Van Jones Broken Over Kavanaugh Confirmation

CNN’s Van Jones claims he was “heartbroken” by the confirmation of Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Jones stated, “I’m still pretty heartbroken. This is the collision of two nightmares if you’re a parent. One nightmare is that your daughter is attacked and nobody believes her. The other nightmare is that your son is attacked and nobody believes him. How many women — forget the politics of it, have to go back and personally relive stuff? Some people reliving stuff that they literally hadn’t let themselves remember for decades, and it gets politicized. I don’t know what we do with all that hurt. People will use it for this and for that. There are people out there this morning that are just hurt. And before we figure out who will vote for her, people walking around with a big, open wound that we don’t have the ability to heal.”

“All three institutions with a cloud over them in the view of millions of people. The presidency, ongoing investigations, I don’t believe necessarily this was the right kind of election in 2016, with Congress, you have gerrymandering, people say I don’t trust Congress. Now the cloud over the Supreme Court, at what cost? You have termites eating into every pillar of your government, that’s a dangerous thing. I don’t know if we’ll have a good decade.”