MSNBC Calls Trump “Un-Christ-Like.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough spoke about President Trump’s opinion regarding the migrant caravan heading for the United States.

Scarborough called Trump “un-American” and “un-Christ-like.”

“[H]istory will look back and Americans will look back with shame that we ever had a president like this one that turned his back on the most basic — not only the most basic American concepts — we defend our borders and we should defend our borders,” proclaimed Scarborough. “People should only get in here legally, but you know what? The Statue of Liberty, it’s still in New York Harbor. It still stands for what makes this country great.”

“What Donald Trump is doing is not only anti-American. I will just say this as a guy that was raised in the Southern Baptist church, at least based on the Bible I read, the gospels that I read, the good Samaritan story that I read, it’s un-Christ-like what’s going on here, about using people other than yourself as political props while their children are suffering, while everybody is suffering, and again, just using them as political props to scare Americans sitting comfortably in their homes across the country,” he said.