Winner Of Celebrity Apprentice Vies For Chief Of Staff Job

President Trump has at least one person requesting the position for White House Chief of Staff, Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan.

British tabloid The Daily Mail, published a letter from Morgan that made his case for the prestigious position.

While Morgan acknowledged his lack of political credentials compared to a “hugely respected war hero like General John Kelly,” Morgan claimed “the key thing is to have someone at your side that understands you, has known you a long time, likes you and commands your respect.”

He then presents the many positive qualities that Trump pointed out during Morgan’s Celebrity Apprentice days. He also wrote, “let’s be honest, what more could you possibly want from your Chief of Staff? You could have been talking about yourself!”

Plying on the flattery Morgan concedes that “everyone knows there can only be one chief in the White House, and his name is Donald J. Trump. You’re your own Chief of Staff, and always have been.”

The letter then goes on to list 10 reasons Morgan should be considered for Chief of Staff including that he would forego salary or “literally pay to work” for Trump.

In closing Morgan clarifies that Trump requires a person who “won’t mind in the slightest if you suddenly fire him.” To which the vetted Morgan says, “been there, read the book, seen the play, survived and thrived.”